Tuesday 6 October 2015

Point Of Sale in Core System Integrator (CSI) Project Deployed for Testing

The Department of Posts (DoP) and Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) officially kicked-off the Core System Integrator (CSI) Project on 2nd of May 2013, as a part of the IT Modernization Project.

Core Systems Integration (CSI) will integrate all solutions implemented under the IT Modernization Project across different channels, levels and locations.

Now the CSI Project is under testing at selected Post Offices.  By the rolling out of this project, the entire local database based applications like Meghdoot and SpeedNet Software will be replaced with web based application developed by TCS.

Following are some details about new Point Of Sale module under CSI Project.


1.   Login for each of the module is based on roles
2.   User ID is created centrally and shared with each and every individual separately
3.   Roles and Password are setup at the Identity Access Management (IAM) application
4.   Individual applications use the centrally setup password

Login to POS

1.   POS Counter application allows a person to login provided the person has the allocation to use the counter
2.   Counter allocation happens at the Back Office application of POS
3.   Single Sign On(SSO) allows login to POS Counter, Back office, PBS, PLI, SAP through the CA –SSO

Day Begin

1.   Post Master, Supervisor, Treasurer are the controlling Users
2.   Post Master or the designated person will start the operation
3.   Supervisor will allocate the counter to the operators
4.   Treasurer will receive the Cash, Stamps, IPOs from the F&A
5.   Treasurer will allocate the Cash, Stamps, IPOs to the users
6.   Treasurer / Supervisor will get alerts for approval
7.   Post Master or the designated person will close the Post Office operation during the end of Day

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